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  • The jacket you'll keep forever until it becomes a pillow. 


    The Forever Jacket is a wardrobe classic with a funky twist. Paired with an evening gown or with your favourite pair of jeans, this is a piece for life.


    Made from gold and green Indian silk brocade with feather trimming and matching belt, this Forever Jacket has fitted shoulders and back, falling into an A-line cut with large back pleats. The belt can be fastened around the jacket for a close fit or inserted into the lining to only tighten the front of the jacket for a cape silhouette.


    Inspired by the 18th Century ‘Robe a la Francaise’, this ethereal Forever Jacket was designed with the future in mind. Using a draping method to minimise fabric cutting, this piece can be unpicked and upcycled into something else! 


    We offer a unique upcycling service for our customers. Though we hope you will cherish this jacket forever, if your taste changes you can contact us for a change of design. You will only pay for the production cost as you have already purchased the fabric!


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